CONNECTED links young female students from grades 10 through 12 with female mentors from a vast spectrum of career backgrounds. We believe that young women need access to adult role models who are willing to share their stories and career pathways. Ultimately, promoting a culture of support and empowerment among young women as they navigate their preferred future. We welcome students pursuing all post-secondary pathways: work, university, college or apprenticeship and those who are still deciding.

Typically, this a dinner event, and throughout the evening the students were seated with other female students as well as several women “mentors” from our community who shared their career journey. Unfortunately, this year, all of our events will look very different, as we will have to host them virtually. However, the students will still hear the stories, career goals, and life lessons from the mentors and share their own future plans. Our virtual CONNECTED event will empower and create connections between successful women and young females.

CONNECTED is a must-attend event for all females in your school as they make plans for their future career journey!

“Connected was a wonderful experience that helped me to understand the journey of becoming a working woman. I have taken many great lessons to heart, and I learned an immense amount of valuable information at this event. I had a fantastic evening, and am so thankful for this opportunity.”

̴ Jenna (Grade 10 Student)



CAREER CONNECTIONS: Young Women Exploring Careers.

The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council is excited to announce CAREER CONNECTIONS: Young Women Exploring Careers. These networking events are a continuation of our CONNECTED: Young Women Exploring Careers event.  

 CAREER CONNECTIONS events are also open to all female students, even if you did not attend CONNECTED in November.

These smaller, sector-specific events will provide students with the opportunity to network with women in a specific sector.

More info to come. Stay tuned!


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