In partnership with various workplace safety associations, the SIEC offers safety training certification to youth prior to entering the workplace. This includes construction, tourism, and healthcare sector safety training.

The Safety@Work program will provide you with:

    • Industry standard certificates
    • Workplace safety knowledge valid for many sectors
    • Certifications to add to a current resume
    • A “head-start” on preparing for your future career

All courses provIded are FREE OF CHARGE

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Megan Unrau

Courses Available

Slips, Trips and Falls – This course increases your awareness and knowledge on cases of slips, trips and falls.  It also descrbes organizational and idividual steps you can take to reduce and prevent STF’s and make your workplace a safer environment.

SCOT (Safety Construction Online Training) – an interactive, online training course focused on worksite safety.  Includes WHMIS 2015.

Trenching and Shoring – Provide training to avoid dangers of the job for benching, sloping, shielding and shoring.  Benefical if entering a career in Construction, Heacy Construction, Excavation, Landscaping or Machine operator.

Powered Hand Tools: Safety is in your hands – Provide knowledge on how to protect form powered hand tools as well as basic tool safety precautions.  Beneficial if entering any industry, powered hand tools are used in almost every industry.

Ladders – This course illustrates proper ladder use, causes for ladder accidents and describes safety and preventative measures.  Different types of ladders, proper ladder selection, inspection and maintenance are also covered.  Beneficial if entering any industry, ladders are used in all industries and proper use is required.

Scaffold Safety – This course enhances safety awareness while covering basic scaffold construction and safety including hazard recognition, types of dangers, proper use and maintenance and accident prevention.  Beneficial if entering the Construction industry.

Aerial Lifts – Trains workers on aerial lift operations including types, design, hazards, maintenance and safety.  Beneficial if entering many industries that work with vertical towers, ladders, boom platforms, forklifts while used to elevate a person.

WHMIS 2015 – The goal of WHMIS is to provide workers with the information they need to stay safe on the job. With WHMIS, hazardous products must have a label and a safety data sheet (SDS). Labels identify the product’s hazards and precautionary measures.

Service Best – Good Service doesn’t happen by accident.  Enrolling in service best gives you the skills and confidence to deliver great customer service.  Beneficial if entering the tourism sector. (Retail, Hospitality, Restaurant)

Virtual Food Safe Level 1 – Provides participants with the training necessary to describe and apply food safe handing practices at each step of the food preparation process to reduce the risk of food contamination.  This training is recognzied by the Saskatchewan Health Authority as an approved food safety training course and participants who complete the course will receive a certificate and be entered in the provincial database.

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To request access to safety training, please click here and fill out required information.

**Courses must be requested and completed one at a time and if additional courses are requested, access will become available as courses are completed.**




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