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The Saskatoon Industry-Education Council (SIEC) is a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and Saskatoon area youth. Through a partnership among business, K-12 and post-secondary schools, unique hands-on career exploration events and programs are designed and delivered to students, helping them find a career that connects their passion and natural talents with current and future workforce needs.
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Would you like to volunteer to be a mentor for students participating in Connected? Or are you a business who wants to host participants in our Spotlight on Careers?

Maybe you’re an educator who is interested in how SIEC can enhance your career development curriculum?

Contact us, we’d like to meet you.

Campus: 441 Witney Ave. N. Saskatoon, SK  S7L 3M6

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SIEC has a variety of career programming, and due to the COVID 19 pandemic, some of that programming looks a bit different for the time being.

Our team is busy working on modifying the ways programming is delivered where we can. Some of our programming is still available to schools and is continuing to run without interruption.

SIEC 2021

Program Information

SIEC runs a variety of programs that connect youth with career exploration opportunities. We worked with over 30,000 youth in the last year alone, 1,600 businesses and post-secondary representatives, and more than 1,000 educators and career practitioners.

Saskatoon Industry Education Council Programs
Cardboard Boat Race Challenge
This highly popular project introduces grade 8 students to the concepts of Structure and Design, through an integrated unit encompassing learning outcomes from Math, Science, English Language Arts, Career Education, and PAA-Design Studies in a fun and meaningful way as students design, build, and then race cardboard boats.
Spotlight on Careers
Students in grades 11 and 12 experience industry and educational opportunities in a field of interest, visiting job sites and post-secondary facilities.
Students in grades 11 and 12 explore careers in information technology through hands-on training, seminars, and workshops with the U of S Computer Science Department and international industry experts.
A Word

From Our Executive Director

“We can all agree that there is no issue more vital to the future of Saskatchewan business than workforce development. If we strive for a world-class economy, we require leading-edge employees and the very best entrepreneurs.

Yet, Canada’s approach to enriching this talent pool has been piecemeal at best. Interprovincial labour mobility remains stagnant, the average age of an indentured apprentice still hovers in the late-20s (resulting in nearly a decade of lost productivity), and immigration? We won’t even get into that.

Instead, our shared prosperity hinges on the ability to better nurture our workforce from within. And, to get there, we need a comprehensive youth-industry education strategy.”


– Janet Uchacz-Hart


Our Programs

Cardboard Boat Race
Contact Conference
Power Engineering Program
Health Link
Newcomer Youth Education Program
Power Engineering Program
Skills Bootcamp
Spotlight on Careers
Summer Youth Internship Program


Upcoming Events & Activities



Spotlight on Skilled Trades

This week features live panels, videos and more focused on a career in the skilled trades.  Hear from local trade realted companies and post-secondary institutions.



Spotlight on Information & Communication Technology

This week features live panels, DIGITIZED 2021, and videos focused on a career in the ICT field.  Hear from local ICT companies and post-secondary institutions.




An online experience through the interactive Gather platform.  Access to speakers and resources in the Computer Science sector.  In partnership with UofS Comp Sci department.



Our News & Announcements


SIEC Highlights from Meg

SIEC Highlights from Meg

As the 2020-2021 school year wraps up for the SIEC team, our team would like to share some of our standout moments from this year's career discovery events.    Today, Megan shares her highlight…  The highlight of the year... how do you even choose? This year was a...

SIEC Highlights from Shana

SIEC Highlights from Shana

As the 2020-2021 school year wraps up for the SIEC team, our team would like to share some of our standout moments from this year's career discovery events.    Today, Shana shares her highlight of the 2021 Contact Conference.  I was happy that the Contact Conference...

SIEC Highlights from Michelle

SIEC Highlights from Michelle

As the 2020-2021 school year wraps up for the SIEC team, our team would like to share some of our standout moments from this year’s career discovery events.   Today, Michelle shares her highlight…  When asked to think about a highlight of my year, it was hard to...


Relevance is an annual magazine providing career and labour market information for Saskatchewan youth.

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